The English Book of Penguin Folk Songs

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Pick a penguin. The recruited penguin. Ice. The Colditz former pupils' reunion and dinner. Tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays after eight. Two short planxtys. The Irish tune. Two stars and a spanner. When my love takes her ease. I wish I were perfume-close to you. When they dropped the bomb on Finland. Howe, Sir Geoffrey, Howe? South Yorkshire Rock'n'Roll. Fog all night; it's all right. The good old British summer. English Chanel Number Five. I'm keeping it under my hat. The man who was eaten by his own bum. The air disaster waltz. Mopeds. Kissed by a seal. The Weddell waddle penguins. - o Hello, I'se your new neighbour Eh? Arsenal away. John Barleycorn. Hokey cokey man. Blues for Albert. The plain of the Avon. I'm happy when I see you smile. The lonely little lemming.