The Mrs Ackroyd Occasional Table Book

The Mrs Ackroyd Occasional Table Book
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A special A4 (sideways) publication to keep on your occasional table whenever it's around. Contents:- The Rise and fall of Ghengis Ackroyd; Holland’s meat pies; Cosmo; The lonely little lemming; Earwigo; Nobody hugs a hedgehog; Reg was a lonely glow worm; Jason and the Arguments; Send in the cones / Have you got any news of the iceberg? ; I can’t find my camouflage net; The stones on the hill; Across the wide ocean; Everything glows; The hard cheese of old England; My snails have not yet arrived; Elephant; An infinite number of occasional tables; Sudden waves / Hostage; Dachshunds with erections can’t climb stairs / Deck of cards; The special light of lonely islands; I have blown it all away; Queen Cruelty; My husband’s got no porridge in him; Bolero; The turn of the road; Such a war has never been; This love; Deja vu; Stay, go and fetch; Across the plains of Africa; Spot of the Antarctic; The shipping forecast; The grey tunnel line / Earth; O sole mio; I don’t like my boomerang; The phoenix; Maybe then I’ll be a rose; Roseville Fair; Breaking wind suddenly; Sloop John A; Haiku; Spot was not like the rest; Will the turtle be unbroken? ; Chaos; Safe haven; The Y files; Cortez; Blackbird; Inconsonants; I will love you in the setting of the sun; And 58 splendid photos taken by Mr Barker on his travels, only a few of which are trains.