DOG 020 Dark Side of the Mongrel

DOG 020 Dark Side of the Mongrel
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DOG 020 DARK SIDE OF THE MONGREL Mrs Ackroyd Band The verb to be - Les Barker; I drive a Mitsubishi Brick Shogun - Alison & Hilary; Mrs Groves - Cloudstreet; The Marie Depreste - Mrs Ackroyd Band; You wonít like Tom Jones- Jez Lowe; The house of the rising what ? - Hilary Spencer; The canít canít - Mrs Ackroyd Band; Sensodyne- Pint and Dale; My stock of Ovaltine - Alison Younger; I canít believe itís not beef dripping - Mrs Ackroyd Band; Non-dairy creamer - Hilary Spencer; Rhubarb- Mrs Ackroyd Band; The maid of Melrose Town - June Tabor; The cruel motherboard - Cloudstreet; Hip hop Hamlet - Mrs Ackroyd Band; On and on - John Tams with Coope, Boyes & Simpson; Sam Lithgowís fleas - Mrs Ackroyd Band; The farting lass - Alison Younger; Cariad ar Goll - Les Barker. (and Chris Harvey on most things) Recorded 2007