OSMO CD 032 The Missing Persians File

OSMO CD 032 The Missing Persians File
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Osmosys OSMO CD 032 The Missing Persians File. The Stealth Comma - John Humphrys;. If - Joss Ackland; Missing Persians File - Harvey Andrews with John Shepherd; A Crufts Conversation - Prunella Scales; Cosmo, the Fairly Accurate Knife-Thrower - Les Barker; I Don't Like My Boomerang - Emma Chambers; Will the Turtle be Unbroken - Tom Paxton with Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer; My Snails Have Not Yet Arrived - Timothy West & Prunella Scales; Napoleon's Circular Retreat from Reading - Jeremy Vine; Lorna the Library Book Burglar - Nonny James; Travel Iron - Genevieve Tudor; Spot Was Not Like the Rest - Ed Stewart; Dipsticks and Seals - Steve Tilston; Death by Daffodils - Frank Hennessy; Self Knowledge - Ryan Kelly; Non Sequiturs - Roger Lloyd Pack; One Way Cul-de-sac - Rodney Bewes; The King of Rome - Sic Transit; The Undead Parrot - Desmond Carrington; King Harold was a Ventriloquist - Gerard McDermott; A Very English Thing - Trevor Peacock; The Lemming's Reunion - The Mrs Ackroyd Band.